Friday, 8 June 2012

Exhibition Photo Diary

Have you ever wondered what to do with that teenager who is lounging around your house? Well as part of my occasional 'Uses for teenagers' series, here we have the teen at 'Prints in St Peters' exhibition in Sudbury acting as a useful display stand. Teenagers are very good at displaying artwork as they get to stand still, something they enjoy far more than moving, which is exhausting for them.

Here is the rest of my work on one of the display stands. Sadly I didn't sell any framed pieces at this exhibition but did sell quite a few cards. You win some, you lose some!

Next up it was the private view of the Colchester Open Exhibition at the Minories Gallery and despite the poor quality of my photography, my boat painting has a good position in one of the front rooms near a nice big window.

Quite proud of getting into the Colchester Open as the selection committee were very thorough, and apparently spent over 11 hours scrutinising the submissions. Fingers crossed for a sale...

Next up it was 'Potters and Friends' an art exhibition/fair in Little Hall Museum, Lavenham:

Just off the main square, this bright yellow 15th Century building owned by the Suffolk Preservation Society was the venue for a selection of pottery and other artwork.

Many of the Potters were in the garden, but myself and my students were sharing the library.

We also had a little space in the hall, to lure people in. 

The desk was in a pleasant position by the window, although what you can't see is the group of 'death masks' of the hall's previous occupants that I spent all week looking at. 

The first weekend was warm and sales were steady, mid-week is was quiet and I froze, my feet being like blocks of ice by the end of each day, returning home to a ton of emails and work I had no time to deal with.

Jubilee day saw the square being decked out with food stalls and tables, but the weather was just appalling, raining all day, and a big sales opportunity was missed with visitor numbers down hugely. 

We were all cheered up by this very amusing full size model of the Queen, made for the jubilee by the local school children and installed in one of the museum rooms:

By the end of the exhibition I had sold 23 Cards and Tags, 4 Mosaics, 2 Monoprints and 2 Giclee prints. My students sold 14 Cards, 5 Giclee Prints and 3 Paintings. Of course we had to pay for the room rental, but nevertheless made a good profit, and considering the recession and the weather, we didn't do too badly I think!

I did spend about £25 on Pottery mind you, but that is the danger of exhibiting with people making such beautiful items...

More exhibitions are lined up later this year, but for now it is time to catch up with other work :-)


  1. Exhibitions can be very unpredictable, I've found. So you did well to have sold so much so far! Good luck with the rest of your Exhibition Diary, Michelle!

  2. Well done, you! That looks like a lovely venue in Lavenham. Yes, I always end up spending the profits on the other stalls when I do a craft fair, too :-)

  3. Tee hee, I love that model of the Queen , she looks a bit like a 'penny for the guy'! I also like your thoughts on uses for teenagers. Mine would make a very good loud-hailer or fog-horn. It's great to hear that you had such a successful event :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes teenagers are very loud. The do not see it necessary to enter the room you are in to speak to you, finding it simpler to just yell at you from distant parts of the house, and then shouting "I can't hear you!" when you reply...