Saturday, 19 May 2012

Handmade Shop, Colchester

A few days ago, I popped over to Colchester to see Maryann who runs the brand new 'Handmade' Shop in Sir Isaacs Walk. I have put some of my prints in the shop, but had run out of my Hollyhocks when I put my stock in, and had to wait until I had some more printed.

So dropping the Hollyhock's print off gave me time to check out the shop. My prints are in a lovely position right at the front:


Of course, being in a shop full of handmade goodies put me in the mood for a little shopping... I wandered around checking out all the contents of the shop. I headed first for the jewellery of course:

And then looked at all the other lovely things, including pretty tea-cup candles:

Scrummy things for the bath:

And Hazel Rayfield's lovely Encaustic paintings:

In the end I decided I simply couldn't leave without buying a couple of things (photographed when I got back on the studio cushions)... This pretty porcelain ring by Lisa Stevens:

And for the teen's ever-growing ornament collection this wonderfully tactile little cat:

The teen was delighted, although when I called, "Come here, I have something for you!" she complained like mad, thinking I wanted her to do the wiping up; A sad indictment of my mothering skills no doubt. But at least I have dry crockery, so we must be philosophical about these things.

If you are in Colchester any time, do pop in to the lovely and tiny handmade shop, you will find an Aladdin's cave of hand-made British goodies, perfect for treating yourself or a friend. 

And before I go, just time to give you a preview of my new seashell lino prints. I have called them 'Shoreline', and so far printed some in blues and some in yellow ochre:

A couple of them are in the Gainsborough's House Printmaker's exhibition, some are available in my online shops, and a few will be going out to local venues like Maryann's shop, and other upcoming exhibitions. One of them is such a perfect match for the colours of my new laundry room that I am having it framed for my house. After all, I may not be wealthy, but at least I can have some real art on the walls!


  1. Oh Maryann's shop looks lovely! I hope to get some of my goodies in there later in the year (once my little one starts school and I have time again!)That little cat is so beautiful and your Shoreline prints look lovely too!

  2. Very nice! Did you have a peek at our cookie mixes? xx

  3. Makes me wish I lived near Colchester. :)
    Lovely post, and I love the comment about having real art for yourself! I often feel I ought to do more for my own home.

  4. Hi Michele
    Great to see all our goodies in the "Handmade" shop! Thanks for including my Art In Wax paintings in your wonderful blog post :-)

  5. Thanks everyone for the positive comments, yes it is a lovely shop. I didn't see your cookie mixes Iris, but I love the idea and will look out for them next time I visit!

    Michele x

  6. So lovely to have a virtual guided tour around the shop, Michele. It looks wonderful. I just wish I lived near enough to drop in and see it all for myself.

  7. Oo yes please! :) Hope you had a great weekend xx Iris

  8. I always think it's a shame - and surprising - that we don't have a shop like that here in Abergavenny. There are a couple of super ones outside the town but that's not quite the same.

    I really love your starfish and shells :)

  9. Well Judy, hopefully as people get fed up with mass produced there will be more of these sort of shops. Mind you I am getting fed up with seeing towns get taken over by Pawn shops, Cash converters, and We-buy-your-gold places, a sign of the recession I suppose :-(