Monday, 18 June 2012

Craftseller again... and some new work

I had an idea I was going to be in Craftseller magazine again this month (you are never quite sure, because you do the writing months in advance), but when I strolled into WHSmiths to be confronted with my pasty complexion on the front cover I very nearly said EEEK!

I am no where near as pale as my nordic looking daughter, but for some reason whenever I am photographed, my skin tone takes on a 'just crawled out of the grave as a zombie' hue.

They also put me in the index, so the editor obviously likes 'pale and interesting and looks like a zombie'.  

Although I am a shameless seeker of publicity, the sight of myself on the front cover led to a sudden and unusual attack of embarrasment. The weather being rubbish I had no sunglasses to hide behind, so I sidled up to the checkout, said 'I don't need a bag thanks' and shoved the magazine in my art portfolio the second it had been scanned. The checkout girl ignored this odd behaviour and I scuttled back to the car park to look at the article:

Half the stuff I wrote wasn't included, but that is the way it goes, and I was happy with the publicity, and happy to see some other 'internet' friends (Folksy sellers) I chat to online too.

Enough about me. I should talk about my work (!)

Here is my latest painting, a watercolour and gouache still life. I have had prints made because I have found seashells to be a popular subject before. And the starfish smells BAD, so I need to get my money's worth for putting up with the fish smell in my studio. If anyone knows how to stop starfish smelling please share. I have already tried bleach, drying in hot sunshine, anti mould-spray and bicarbonate of soda. I am considering microwaving it, but this could be a disaster in several respects...  Anyhow I was pleased with the painting:

My new lino print card and tag sets have been selling well locally, so it was time to start the time consuming process of photographing and listing them online, starting with the blue lighthouse set:

I also decided to re-list some ACEO's I made a year or so ago. An ACEO is a minature artwork, always 2.5 by 3.5 inches, they are collected worldwide, people put them in albums. They are also a good way of offering a lower priced item and getting your sales and feedback scores up. This one is my 'Rich Kitty' design, I also put it on cards and it is usually popular with people like me who are owned by cats:

The next couple of weeks are very busy for me, time to plan my September art classes (I know), more work on the press release for the Sudbury Summer Art Show, and I am getting ready to demonstrate at 'Art Sunday' at Layer Marney Tower on July 1st.

I leave you with this snippet. Last week in Lavenham, a lady looked at my gift tags and said "Do you have any Christmas ones?" It begins...


  1. congrats on your magazine appearence! I`m just up the road from Lavenham, I`m in Norfolk!

  2. Hi Marie, thanks, I don't know if that is just up the road, I always think Norfolk is miles away, but then if I drive for more than 30 minutes I doze off!

  3. Norfolk is miles away from EVERYWHERE, thank goodness - that's what keeps it special :D

    But seriously, well done, Michele, your fame is spreading and I hope that has a positive effect on the bank balance!

    I love your lighthouse and fish . . . they have a kind of New England look about them - though having said that, New England probably took its look for Old England, Suffolk in particular!

  4. Thanks Judy, yes I hope to get the bank balance into double figures soon ;-)

  5. Congratulations Michele on the feature, and being on the front cover :-)

    "Beach Finds" is a wonderful painting.


  6. Congratulations on your feature. And you look nothing like a zombie, lol!

    Christmas...? Flippin' 'eck...!

    Rosie. x