Friday, 30 March 2012

New cards and a sale

Well, many days I feel like I spend more time on photo-editing and paperwork than I do on any form of artwork, but sometimes the results are pleasing. My photography skills are small and my graphics software use is entirely self-taught, but I muddle along, despite the fact that my favorite setting on the camera is still the one that says 'Auto'.

Any work finished must be photographed, edited/improved and then stored in many digital forms for printing, internet listing, publicity etc. This of course takes hours. 

Whilst photographing my new tags I needed to have them shown in situ (I need 5 different photos of each product for both my Etsy and Folksy shops), and luckily the wrapped box of Mother's Day chocolates I had in the studio did the trick. I also gave mum one of the new cards!


Each of the three designs has three colour choices and they all had to be photographed, and I was pleased to finish the task!

And I am pleased with them, I have already put them out in some of the local shops I sell in, and am planning more (less girly) designs to expand the range.

I also had a sale this week, in a local outlet of this flower mosaic:

I had kept this one in the studio for months as one of my students had assured me she must have it, but then when she saw one of my butterfly mosaics she changed her mind and bought that instead. I didn't mind at all, a sale is a sale but it is nice that her original choice has a new home too. 


More mosaics to look at here!


  1. your cards are gorgeous :) I especially like the butterfly one ^-^

  2. I know what you mean about photo editing and paper work. Yuck!
    Gratz on the sale, and I'm sure you'll have plenty more.

  3. Thanks guys, lets hope other people like the cards too :-)

  4. Congratulations on the sale, Michele! Your mosaics are very original as well as beautiful!

    I like your cards too and hope you do well with them.

    I often feel we need a team of 'minions' to process our creative endeavours! Nowadays I only get to paint on Saturday afternoons (if there's no rugby) and the rest of the week is spent photo-editing - like you, self-taught! - uploading and all that goes with it! :(

  5. Oh, I love the sound of a minion! I have tried getting my daughter to help but if you leave a teenager on a computer for more than 5 minutes they just gravitate to Youtube to watch funny cat videos, sigh ;-)