Friday, 6 April 2012

Day Tripping

Last week I saw a chap in a t-shirt that read: "The internet is down so I decided to go outside". Sometimes that is how I feel, between work, house renovations and little spare cash we just never seem to go anywhere. So when boyfriend took a week off, I was determined that we would go out for at least one day, so I could get some inspiration for my paintings and some fresh air.

We headed initially for Woodbridge, and the weather was on our side. On cutting through a park from the car park we came across this fabulous tree, massive and obviously hundreds of years old:

Then it was into the main part of Woodbridge where I took this photo, which I am currently working into a painting in Gouache and Collage:

After a hot chocolate and some cake, which wasn't quite nice enough to justify its price of a whole day's food budget we decided to wander towards Felixstowe.

We ended up at Trimley Marshes, and took a very long walk; it was fairly deserted and very attractive:

On the way home we stopped under the Orwell Bridge (favorite suicide spot of the Suffolk disenchanted), for more photos. By this time it was freezing, and the wind whipped my hair around my ears as I struggled to stop the camera from shaking. So imagine my surprise next day when I saw this serene picture!

Of course I just had to paint it:

It was lovely to go out for the day, and just shows that even a local day trip can fill you with ideas and inspiration.

Back in the studio and the scan copies of my Little Blakenham painting came back, so I can now offer it as a Limited Edition Giclee Print:

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy any of your own day trips you may be planning!


  1. Great photos & paintings Michele :-) I live 20 minutes outside York but very rarely do the 'tourist sights'

    Diane x

  2. Oh I love York, although the Jorvik centre always makes me claustraphobic with it's 'real' smells and sounds, particularly when they do the simulated fire thing, I always want to run out screaming!

  3. I love that top photo - it would make a great painting! Is it Woodbridge? I thought at first it was Snape Maltings . . . and maybe I got the 'Maltings' bit right?

    A bit strange that I live in Wales, amongst the mountains, but hanker for those marshes that remind me of the Broads!!!

  4. Yes it is Woodbridge, but it does also look like Snape Maltings. Snape is a bit further up for us, but it it lovely there. It also has the most fabulous gift shops, full of gorgeous hand-made stuff, it is a very dangerous place to visit because you always come home with an empty purse.

    I would happily send you a copy of the photo if you fancy painting it! May have a go at it myself sometime. Am currently working on the other one, with the boat and chain in the foreground :-)