Thursday, 15 March 2012

Animal Charity Auction!

Always looking for an excuse to put Gimlet on the blog of course... and as some of you know, Gimlet, my lovable and sometimes violent studio muse came from a local rescue centre. I am not the most selfless person, heaven knows, but adopting an animal felt like one of the best things I ever did. The rescue home does everything in its power to look after the animals and make them happy, but still it must be a miserable existence locked in a pen, compared to being with a doting family.

Here is Gimlet on his first evening with us, before he became the spoiled diva that he is now, back when he was actually grateful. (Time between abject gratitude and demanding expensive cat food... about 6 weeks).

Not everyone can adopt an animal, but in a recessions these centres get inundated with animals that people can no longer afford to look after, along with extra food and vets bills.

So when Louise, (a seller on Folksy) asked if anyone could donate a small item from their shops to her auction she was amazed how many responded. Louise is raising funds for her local animal rescue centre (RACR) in Nottingham.

Here is my donation, one of my bird monoprints:

Currently bid well under it's value, if you would like to bid on this, or take a look at the many other items available please click the links below. Up for auction are items ranging from animal art to hand-made jewellery, hand knitted gloves, soft toys and a huge amount of other stuff.

To bid you simply leave a comment on the image on Louise's facebook page, and pay by paypal if you win. It couldn't be easier, and you will help the furry friends as well as grab a bargain.

Racr Rescue Fundraising Facebook Page 

Direct Link to items up for auction! 


  1. When I read the title of this post, I thought it was animals that were being auctioned - maybe that would be a good idea to raise funds for Animal Shelters, ie increasing the desirability of the animals by charging for them and making people bid for them!

    But probably a better idea to auction art/craftwork instead - I love your mono-print!

  2. Ha ha that would be funny! Some of them do charge mind you we had to pay £50 for Gimlet, I think it covers having them neutered or spayed. Michele x