Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Farm yard fun!

No it's not an Emu, an Ostrich or a Dodo... it's a Rhea!

On Saturday my weekly class had their first informal meet up for untutored painting, face stuffing and general silliness. We were invited by the lovely people at Assington Farm Shop/Artisans Tea Rooms. There were noisy geese, a sweet pigmy goat, some cows and best of all the Rhea's who were very amusing. They did not keep still for a second, and pecked curiously at anything that got too close, including my camera and drawing board. I could only stay for a couple of hours due to having some private students to teach in the afternoon. But after walking up and down, imploring the big birds to "stand still" or "move that back foot" I managed a sketch, and after an hour had a passable watercolour sketch (unfinished.)

Back in the studio I have been making mosaics and now have three small ones to add to my exhibition tally:

A blue heart:

A butterfly with grey grout:

And a panel with sea shells and cream grout:

Finally time to share some other people's art; and here is a fabulous collage from one of my Saturday Students:

 Started in pastels, but L always gets carried away into the world of mixed media and can never resist trying something a little different, this time using some pictures of local allotments to add to her painting and the result was really successful.

L is a teacher at the Ryes School for troubled and vulnerable children and teens, and here is a painting by Rody, who has much difficulty focusing and concentrating. Apparently it took about a month of working in little 5 minute slots until it was done. He can be very proud of the results. 


  1. Your mosaics are so beautiful, do you make many of them? and your Rhea is very sweet.

  2. Thanks! I don't do too many as to be honest they are very fiddly and time consuming. Because the pieces are different heights grouting is tricky and often has to be done twice, due to the extra air pockets under the tiles/ shells etc.They generally sell, and if I could make them faster I might be wealthy lol. I find if I am having a bit of an artist's block with painting, it gives me something else productive to do. It's also a great thing to do in the summer outdoors on a rug, when I need an excuse to laze in the sun, but still need to feel like I am working!!

  3. I like your Rhea, Michele - s/he looks a bit like an illustration from an old text book! (Maybe a new source of income for you there?)

    Very pretty mosaics too. Though I must be a bit tired - or dyslexic - or hungry. I read 'butterfly with grey trout' and then was puzzled because I couldn't see the trout!