Monday, 13 June 2011


The teen grows ever more intelligent and literate, having now mastered sarcasm, snide and presently studying irony. However, sometimes she just gets words wrong, usually during dinner time conversations, to hilarious effect. I couldn't let the following go unpublished:

The teen on ancient history:

" know, in Egypt, during the time of the fairies..."

On her desire to receive regular copies of her favourite science magazine:

"When are you going to get me a prescription to that magazine??"

And finally a surreal one: When being handed her dinner of fried rice and vegetables:

"Aaw, not casserole AGAIN" (followed quick as a flash by boyfriend "Aaw not Duck a L'orange' AGAIN...)

It is remarks like this keep us all laughing during dinner.

Back with work, I have had my first success during the summer round of exhibiting: the first sale of one of my set of Pied Wagtail Monoprints. Stupidly and rarely for me, I forgot to photograph the one that sold, something I am normally quite obsessive about, but this one is similar, the sold one had a background of yellow netting if I recall. The sale came from the Rotary Club exhibition in St Peters church in the centre of Sudbury, and the commission will go towards charities supported by the Rotarians. I made 19 of these, each slightly different so lets hope for more sales another before the summer is out!

 On the illustrating front I am just waiting to see the finished product for the Cardiff Illustrations I produced; it has to be approved by the Welsh Tourist Board first! Meantime I am gearing up for the next one; Milan is heading my way shortly... perhaps a little more glamorous than Cardiff, but since I have never visited either I couldn't say for sure, hmm.

I guess the Cardiff Opera is quite glam, here was my take on it:

It will be interesting to see what comes my way for Milan, I am betting I will have to do a footie fan, I they seem to be a requirement, and Milan seems to be football mad...


  1. It's a pity you didn't decide to 'research' Cardiff in person, Michele - you could have come to Abergavenny for a visit on the way! Actually, as cities go, I like Cardiff a lot. And I've heard that there is a similarity in the structure of the throats of the Welsh and the Italians that predisposes them both to singing. So interesting that Milan is coming next!

  2. Ah yes, someone asked me yesterday if I got to go to Milan for research... I wish. Sadly the company budget seems not to include free and extensive travel to foreign parts, not even Wales. You can blame Google Images for that one, who needs to travel, when it is all just a click of the mouse away!