Thursday, 26 May 2011

Exhibition Season

Well, exhibition season has started in earnest, and I have been preparing work to go out into the world, and hopefully return magically changed into cheques... fingers crossed. First is a local 'Flowers and Gardens' exhibition at the new Gallery 47, swiftly followed by the Rotary club exhibition in the big church, St Peters. Several recent pieces have gone out, including, just finished today, a new mosaic:

In my new Folksy print shop, I continued to add products, and in order to get some initial sales, and some valuable feedback to encourage more, I made some little ACEO's. These are artists trading cards, always 3.5 by 2.5 inches, hand-made and collected by artists and enthusiasts worldwide. Luckily as well as being fun, this resulted in my first Folksy sale:

This one was made by monoprinting, using real dried hydrangea petals to resist the ink, then layering with collage, and mounting on Watercolour paper.

At home we have had a trying couple of weeks. This started with boyfriend accidently de-frosting the entire freezer contents whilst on a late night ice cream mission. What could I say? I have done it myself in the past. Luckily the kitchen and oven are so appalling that all attemps at home cooking have been suspended, and we mainly lost cornetto's and pizza.

Then there was the phone call, received when I was in the middle of teaching a private student. An irrate local dress shop owner, telling tales of my daughter reserving an expensive prom dress, which I needed to pay for. I explained to her that a) I knew nothing about it, and b) taking reservations without deposits from 15 year olds is perhaps not smart business sense. Then I yelled at the teen. A lot.

To be honest, the teen was probably just getting revenge. Boyfriend did steal her shoes whilst we were at the zoo:

 And I really shouldn't have told her that Lithuania was near Ipswich. That was very wrong of me.

Tomorrow, after a period of very hard work I am going to take a day off. But I will probably still end up in the studio, the big table is perfect for dressmaking!



  1. Hi, found your blog on Folksy, that was a great funny read. I have a 19yr old and an 14yr old so I sympathise. I love the rabbit mosaic and thank you for clearing up a mystery, until now I didn't know what an ACEO was.

  2. Ah, I didn't know about ACEO's either until recently. I might introduce them to my Saturday students, but I hear they are addictive, both the making and the collecting. Not surprising when you can have a whole gallery of original artworks all fitting into a small folder!