Friday, 5 November 2010

No more moaning...

Just a quick post today; as promised the photos from last weeks Saturday Class. I don't usually get my camera out on a Saturday, but everyone did so well I couldn't resist a few quick snaps. The subject was Night Pictures in Pastel, to be completed on dark coloured paper. I have to say, whenever we do pastels there is more than the odd moan: "I don't like pastels..." "I am no good at pastels..." "But they are so messy..."

Well class, in future I am not listening to the moaning, as the evidence shows that you are fabulous at pastels!

Check out these great pieces of art:

A charming atmospheric piece;

There's nothing like a sunset in the snow;

 The long arm of the law shows a surprisingly sensitive touch;

Wow, perfectly spooky for Halloween;

One of the most experienced artists in the class shows Van Gogh leanings;

Plumber by day, accomplished marine artist by weekend;

Another successful snow scene for this student;

The matriarch of the group shows the youngsters how it is done;

A seascape of Malta's Valletta harbour at night, beautifully executed;

 And finally, a stunning local sunset;

Well done class, see you tomorrow!

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