Saturday, 13 November 2010

The end is nigh!

 No, not the end of the world, the end of my studio build. I have actually been working in the studio this week, although mainly on computer/paperwork. The heater has not been quite sufficient for the size of the building: I have been putting it on timed for 6am and starting work at 8am, but the studio is not warm enough until about lunchtime.

We have therefore ordered an extra plug-in heater, which I hope will supplement the warmth during the colder months. The studio is well insulated and dry, plus it warms up quickly when the sun comes out, so in the warmer months it should be cosy.

There is a myriad of minor finishing jobs to do, including painting, cushions etc, but the main jobs remaining are to get the sink connected with real water, and build the large work table that I will do artwork at. The table is designed to have paintings, browsers, large rulers etc stored underneath. Due to it's height I will work on a draftsmans high stool. After a few frustrating days when we were unable to start due to the appalling weather (the table saws need to be used in the garden), work finally got underway.

The frame is huge, and we have already considered that it could just be used to make a cage for teenagers, during any bouts of whinging/bad behaviour/being stupidly noisy, but tempting as that option is, I do need somewhere to paint.

So work continues, and should be complete in the next two or three weeks. Meantime at least I have the paperwork organised, which is good as I am starting to work out next years classes. It may be November but I am already planning spring and summer next year.

As for artwork, I am out of my comfort zone again, having been commissioned to draw a pair of cute little Jack Russells by one of my students in charcoal. Considering it's about 30 years since I last drew a dog its not going too badly, but time only time will tell...

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