Thursday, 13 September 2012

Beach Huts revisited


Above is one of my most popular paintings, and my biggest sources of regret. 

When I started painting, I just shoved things in frames and attempted to sell them. Sometimes to my surprise, this worked and the paintings went off to new homes. Encouraged I shoved more things in frames and displayed them in more places. This gung ho attitude was, of course, doomed to failure. I began to forget which paintings went where, and begun to feel sad that I couldn't look at the ones that had sold anymore. 

So, systems were put in place; reference numbers, delivery notes, and out came my camera (not a very good one) to photograph the paintings before they sold. More recently in addition to being photographed, my work is professionally scanned, enabling me to turn it into a limited edition print, a card, tea towel or anything I have the time and money to arrange.

I have often said that if I painted beach huts from morning to night I would be a rich person, their popularity never wanes, and the image at the top of the page gets top views on any site I put it on. Sadly though, the low definition image is not good enough to use for prints, and the original painting sold through a gallery in Bury St Edmunds a couple of years ago.

So, business being rather slow this time of year, I decided to unleash the power of beach huts, and revisit the subject of Southwold:

My modest amount of facebook followers seem to like this new painting, but boyfriend, wandering into the studio said "It's not as good as the other one". He is a constant source of encouragement in my life and has unwavering faith in my abilities, unfortunately he is also a man of absolute truth. You ask him "Does my bum look big in this?" at your own risk, because he simply doesn't understand that women do not want a careful assesment and honest answer to this question.

Whether it is better or worse than the first one is hard to say, I could fall back on that old chestnut; 'all art is subjective', but at the end of the day I am fairly happy with it, and not one to repeat stupid mistakes, it is off to my printers for a high definition scan tomorrow.

After that I shall wait to see if the desire of the buying public for all things beach-hutty is still as strong as ever!


  1. I actually prefer the second one, like you say, each to their own. Good luck with the sale of it, I am sure it will be snapped up.

  2. I totally get the fascination with beach huts and love both these paintings. If I had to chose my favourite...? I couldn't!

    And know what you mean about the importance of keeping a record of original pieces of art before they're lost to the big wide world...

  3. I don't think one is better than the other- they're so different. The first one is more dynamic, with the bird's-eye view and the action of the surf, while the second is calmer and more intimate. I would have a hard time choosing between the two.

  4. I like it. I have done a couple of beach huts but never get that seaside feel that people seem to want, so have given up for now. I don't think its fair to compare them as they as completely different but I do think the new one has a more interesting composition.
    I know what you mean about regrets, I am starting to pay more to frame and print images. I have always photographed my work but as you say the quality is not always good enough to print from.

  5. They are both wonderful paintings Michelle ......

  6. I really like the second one. I saw it when I googled beach huts, and thats what drew me to your blog. Theres something very cheerful about a row of beach huts.

    1. Thank you Hannah, I am glad you like the painting! Michele.