Thursday, 19 January 2012

January Sales

Despite the recession, (which I keep hearing about on the news), myself and all the other people I know in business are very busy, which makes no sense perhaps, but there it is. I was putting off picking up my snow scene painting, due to high winds and rain on the day it was due to be collected, only to discover that it had sold! Of course galleries tend not to tell you when things sell, until you arrive to pick up, so I suspect this was actually a December sale.

A week later and a call from another gallery informs me that this one has sold in Bury St Edmunds. It is one of my absolute favorites, and I think it has quite a modern look, but I was unsure of how commercial it was.

The fact that it sold fairly quickly means my decision to have some giclee prints made was hopefully a good one. Since then I have sold a couple of other prints, proving that some people at least have a little spare money in January.

Those people would not include me, as after several months of saving my pennies I bought this in the January sales:

It is beautiful, lights up, plays cute tunes when your laundry is finished and is actually quite good at washing clothes. It has a steam function which 'freshens' clothes for 20 minutes, meaning that teenage jeans worn for half an hour and dumped on the floor no longer have to go through a full wash cycle. The drum is twice the size of the last machine (which regularly ate the teen's small trainer socks) and for the first time ever I am up to date with the laundry. Boyfriend is horrified at how much I paid for it, and I am shockingly unrepentant.

When not trying to talk me out of buying expensive white (er silver-grey) goods boyfriend finished the tiling of the kitchen floor, and also started hanging the new internal pine doors. 

He has done a fabulous job and it looks stunning, unlike the rest of the kitchen. It is lethal when wet however and when I inevitably slipped over the teen had some advice:
"Don't wish to offend," (She always says this just before saying something offensive) "But it's your age..." "someone young like me has an inbuilt sense of balance"
Fantastic. Now I just have to wait for her to fall over, and she will. Revenge shall be mine.

So, any art this month? Well yes, in between wrapping a ton of limited editions and driving them out to various venues I continued work on the mosaics, and the first one is finished:

Obviously I am hoping for a valentines sale, after all, that dishwasher I want isn't going to pay for itself!


  1. Congratulations on your sales, Michele! I agree, your second painting, the one with the tree/s in the foreground, is one of your best and I've 'pinned' it under Fine Art on one of my Pinterest boards.

    Your washing machine sounds fantastic and makes me realise that mine came out of the Ark! But you have to sell and awful lot of greeting cards to pay for something like that!

  2. Hi Judy, thanks for pinning my painting! The washing machine is a dream and so far from anything I have used previously that it's like owning some kind of futuristic appliance. I really need to get out more...

  3. I love both the paintings and can see why they sold. Well done. Great looking kitchen , I would be no good on the floor as apposed to said teens view I have never had a sense of balance.

  4. The paintings are beautiful no wonder they sold as is the mosaic. He did a great job on the renovations and don't let him talk you out of good appliances they make life so much easier

  5. The tree one is very nice. I like the clarity you are getting. That washing machine is wild. . . Like a monster speaker cabinet from a space ship, or something ;-) have you dropped anything glass/ceramic on that floor yet? You'll be finding minute fragments for weeks afterwards ;-) I'm glad someone is busy. I couldn't be less busy, at least as far as doing things that earn money goes ;-(
    Pleased for you.

  6. Yes Jon, there have been two casualties of the kitchen floor so far, because as you say, when you drop something it doesn't get a second chance, and the bits skid for miles. Luckily I use any broken china in my mosaics! I hope work picks up for you soon, its generally a bad time of year, I think I just got lucky. Michele x

  7. all such beautiful work no wonder why they sold fast. Hope you have OOdles more sales to pay for that lovely washer.

  8. Laughing at Inbuilt sense of balance. Thanks for linking up your drawing tutorial and off now to pin your pics!

    noodleBubble x

  9. Would you care to share the make of your washing machine. This is very sad, that I can get excited about the thought of a steam function on a washing machine! Same problem, teen things worn for 5 minutes and left on the floor!

  10. It's an LG :-) I just looked on Amazon and it had the top results in reviews.It is not at all sad to ask; although when I told my boyfriend I was going to put the washing machine on the blog he looked at me like I was nuts and said 'WHY??' to which I replied... 'because I can.'