Thursday, 27 October 2011

Extension update!

As I mentioned in my last post, there has been a lot going on here at home. So I thought I would take this opportunity to catalogue some of the progress. 

After months awaiting the proper council authorities to grind slowly through the business of dealing with the application to build our new garage extension/laundry room/shower room, and then the dreaded 'Party Wall Agreement' with the neighbours, not to mention parting with several thousand pounds for all of this it was time to start. And after all that waiting, the builders arrived and they are pretty darn fast. Fueled by tea and Radio 2, work started:

Having dug down, concrete was then poured into the foundations:

Then the base was made ready, along with the drains, and more concrete poured:

 Now we were at floor level, and it was time to start going UP!

Yes that is a specially designed cat tunnel, ready for cat flap, for the most pampered puss in Suffolk. I didn't want to ruin our new door by cutting through it, so the cat gets his own door!

Speaking of new doors, whilst all this was going on, the window fitters arrived to put new windows and back doors into the house. The dust levels increased massively, and I am still finding it in the saucepans. It has become second nature to clean everything before using it...

As I write this the builders are already up to roof level, more photos to come soon, and everything crossed that the good weather continues to hold.

Discomfort has been minimised by practically living in the studio, and here are some lovely flowers, bought by my art class as a thank you for organising the Gallery 47 exhibition.

Final sales tally was:

6 framed paintings, one unframed original, 3 prints, 2 cards, 1 pack of tags.

Well done everyone!


  1. Your description of the cement pouring brought back memories of my extension (Utility + shower room) - but when my builders started on the 'up' part of the process, the wind got up and blew down their 8 ft high wall! Luckily nobody was hurt and they surprised me with the cheerfulness with which they started rebuilding it! And yes, the dust, I remember it well, especially when electricians were around with their massive drills . . . good luck with it all!

  2. Thanks Judy, the days when I can be held to ransom over access to my one bathroom by a teen who can spend hours locked in, with no apparent use of soap or water, are numbered...

  3. I love the fact that your cat is getting it's own special tunnel!