Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Vote for Ethel!

The painting above is 'Newquay, Cornwall' by Ethel Blosse. I met Ethel in 2005 when I tutored an art project for a few months at William Wood House in Sudbury, working with some of the elderly residents for the 'Visions of Sudbury' project. The idea was to get them enjoying reminiscing about local places they had known when younger and the changes they had seen; and of course to create art! When the project was finished I continued to visit Ethel as a friend and sometimes for art tuition, she always has cake and a cup of tea waiting for me - there goes the diet again! Ethel's production of art is amazing and prolific. I often photograph her paintings and she turns them into cards for friends and family. The Newquay view was an old holiday photo of mine, taken on a sunny day, but somehow transformed into an atmospheric night scene by Ethel!

Both last year and this I helped Ethel to enter the EAC art awards for the over '60's, and this year she was accepted. Not only is Ethel over 60, she is 94 and shortly to turn 95. Ethel is frail, hard of hearing and has ongoing eyesight problems. This is an amazing acheivement. Her painting will be exhibited in Birmingham, and she is excited and delighted. As part of the awards there is a 'people's choice award. 

Please consider voting for Ethel via the link below. You do have to register (as usual to prevent spammers) but it takes seconds. Then you will be sent an email link, press the link and you will find yourself back on the site with three rosettes to award to your favorite artworks, you can also comment on the pictures. All the people in this competition have no doubt overcome various challenges to enter. Please show your support. It costs nothing to put a smile on someones face :-)

Vote for Ethel here!


  1. Have voted for Ethel and she seems to be in with a chance!

    Now to tweet this post and even put it on facebook if I can work out the technology!

  2. Thanks Judy, that's good of you. Ethel has very little family, and few contacts, so I don't want her to be disadvantaged in the voting stakes because of this!