Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Gimlet’s First Christmas

Technically speaking, not his first Christmas, but since his past is shrouded in mystery, I count the one just gone as number 1. On the human side we decided against decorations this year. The studio being so close to finished, and the house being largely ignored, I simply couldn’t add to the mess and long overdue DIY jobs by putting up tinsel and a tree. As for what Gimlet would do to a tree, it has to be left to the imagination, but since he still seems to be half kitten, and is prone to manic and somewhat violent play attacks, I don’t think a spruce would last long.

Even Santa was charmed and left him a present:

What is it?

Toy! Chase it round and round! Kill it! Rip it to shreds! Yay!

The teen had a nice time too, although she was supposed to be with her Grandparents for a few days, but the snow put paid to their journey up, so she spent much of the holidays lazing about. Unlike boyfriend and I, who at that age only came home to eat and pick up our bikes, the teen refuses to do anything. Despite having lots of friends, it is just too much effort to contact them or arrange to meet up. In despair at her constant whinging and boredom I sent her to the library. She came back with a selection of new age pseudo self-help psychic rubbish. Titles included ‘Harnessing the 8th Chakra’, ‘You know more than you think’ (I doubt that) and contained topics on how to find your ‘Super -subconscious’ and communicating with spirits. It gave the adults in the household endless fun as we mercilessly poked fun at this selection of badly written rubbish.

On the plus side she seems to have become less interested in the whole Wicca/Witchcraft thing. As she explained sadly the other day, Witches are supposed to go on pilgrimages. Obviously this involves a) effort and b) finding your door key, and c) going somewhere. Religion: so exhausting… Now she is back at school with her friends she is far happier, although she would never ever admit it.

As Christmas was a simple affair we used the holidays to finish the studio and boyfriend took some time to mend/rebuild/fix a few computers.

Pop Quiz: how many computers can you fit in one small spare room?

Answer: impossible to say, they breed while I am sleeping…

Gimlet meanwhile has become a studio cat, acquainting himself with all areas:

Exploring the cupboards:

Hanging system? No, it’s another cat toy, yay!

The big table, perfect for hiding under when you don’t want to be picked up:

Favourite of all is a manic game of football, played on the shiny laminate floor with foil ball, whilst crashing into furniture.

Lastly on New Year’s day I entertained a few students and other artists in my new studio with a coffee and cake type open day. I managed to produce 3 cakes (no photos, too busy eating) which was a minor miracle considering I am using the old gas cooker left by the previous elderly occupant. To say it’s basic is an understatement. It burns anything placed in the rear third of the oven, and has no internal light. A large garden torch is kept next to the cooker so I can see if dinner is cooked. Unfortunately people tend to wander off with this leaving me yelling “Who’s got the oven light?” 

Next post I will put up some studio photos and the mosaics I have at last finished… A belated happy new year to everyone!


  1. In spite of the antique oven, you seem to be making good progress, Michele! Especially as you have both a cat and a teen! (I've never attempted a house refurb with both!)

    Gimlet looks a likely candidate for my next design in my 'Conversational Cats' range of cards - may I borrow her/him for a couple of weeks please?

  2. Ah Judy,

    Teens and Cats very similar: always treading mud in the house, do nothing except eat sleep and play games, get grumpy when tired...

    I would fear to lend you Gimlet as he can be a little terror and I doubt he would pose nicely! However if I get any good photos I will pass them on for you to use. He is as dark as the devil, and is very hard to photograph at this time of year. When he sits on the black leather sofa its like a pair of pale green eyes are in the room.

  3. such a wonderful post and now I want a kitten, my old cat is no longer playful and I am thankful all my teens have grown up somehow. The oven sounds like quite a challenge.

  4. Well he is not really a kitten, just acts like one! We think he is about one and a half but not sure. I hate to be without a cat, but kittens sometimes annoy older cats I have found. My first ever cat remained playful for years, but my second was only playful for about 6 months and then was just very docile and sleepy!