Friday, 4 June 2010

A little me time

At the end of a hectic and busy week I did a little birthday mosaic workshop for my friend and student S. She bought along 5 friends and they made some little mosaic plaques. In contrast to my previous mosaic workshop a few weeks back they were calmer and less messy. But then the previous group did come in clutching a wine box… My heart sank when I saw the lovely peach coloured nails of one of the girls (a manicurist I think), grout and pretty nails do not get on, I hope she forgives me! Amusingly one of the ladies turned out to be my daughter’s school Textiles teacher.

The teen is away with her dad for half term, and I couldn’t resist teasing her about her teacher by text. She was mortified: “Oh my God!! You didn’t tell her you were my mum did you??? Ha Ha. Adults 1 Teens 0.

The mosaic group were lovely and seemed to enjoy their time; they were young and pretty and made a selection of pretty mosaics, hearts being a favourite. They were given instructions on how to grout them at home. The brightly coloured house number plaque belongs to the teacher; her design training showing through.

Feeling exhausted last week and determined to chill a bit during my child free week, I attended a screen printing taster day. I found it harder than I expected, a day is not long enough of course, and problems arose when layers were not dry. I hadn’t planned anything in advance and it showed. I was expecting to use stencils, but when told about a ‘blocking out solution’, I resorted to a paint brush, being most used to one. Then for the second layer I used cut out pieces of paper, the workshop scalpels being rather challenged in the sharpness department. I had difficulty with the registration (lining up the layers), as I am unused to using a template for this. When it comes to lino prints, I have steady hands so just line up by eye. The photo I have posted is the best one, and I am no means happy with it. In fact when we get our new cat I may line the litter tray with my screen print ‘art’. I have a bit of a liking for folk art motifs and trees though, and may re-visit this type of image in the future.

In all I was hoping for a quicker alternative to lino printing (and the inevitable hand ache and blisters), but whilst I enjoyed the day immensely I am not sure the process is for me. When I got home I Googled around and found that you can use electric wood carving tools on lino: now there's a thought.

I am known for my housework obsession but this week I have done none, not a jot. Instead I have been catching up on the huge pile of sewing repairs that seem to have built up, and doing my usual yearly files clear out, transferring all the stuff to my new cabinet. On Thursday the weather was so good that I decided I simply must spend all afternoon in the garden… but how to work as well, that was the problem. So I pulled out a spare mosaic base and spent a happy afternoon making a sun mosaic from broken mirror and white and yellow crockery. It came out really well, and I will post a photo when it is grouted.

Checking my emails at the end of the day: a small sale in my Zazzle store. A badge of my Malta painting, sold to… Mohammed in Dubai. Work that one out if you will, it’s beyond me.

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  1. Michele - I REALLY like your screenprint! Please don't use it to line the litter tray! I've been dying to know how it went. Congrats on your sale - I had two strange ones recently - someone in Accra, Ghana, bought 3 identical 60th birthday cards and someone in Kent, in fact in the next village to the one I used to live in, bought a Mother's Day card!