Monday, 15 March 2010

A couple of links...

Just a quick post to put a couple of links up. British blogger Ruralfrance has kindly featured my work on her super blog, where she showcases her photography of the French landscape and rural subjects.Click here to see Ruralfrance's blog  Leading on from my last post on the difficulties of sketching and photographing children in today's suspicious and over protective society Judy Adamson adds her thoughts... click here to read

No painting done so far this week as I am writing my second Squidoo article. It will be a beginners guide to drawing, and it is turning into a bit of a telephone directory. Last week I worked on a new illustration for my Zazzle store products. I started out doing illustrations years ago, but fine art was easier to market, so it took a back burner. But fine art does not suit everything, so the idea occured  to me to make some hand painted patterns. This one is an easter subject of primroses and eggs. The second I had finished the illustration I knocked the little birds egg I found discarded in my garden years ago and it broke into a pile of dust. It looked like the stuff that dracula turns into at the end of the movies as he crumbles away, hit by sunlight. My student S had just turned up for private tuition, kindly bringing sandwiches for us from the coffee shop. "Eeew, what is that stuff?" she said as we peered at it. "Best not to think about that" I said, sweeping it away with the dustpan, and tucking into my egg sandwich.

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  1. Shame about the Dracula egg, glad your drawing