Friday, 26 February 2010

On the Move.

No the photo is not my kitchen. I know artists are supposed to live in squalor but I have Obsessive Cleaning Disorder.  It’s the kitchen of the house my lovely boyfriend is buying for us to live in. As you can see sacrifices must be made if you want to live in the smart end of town. The house needs a little love. The kitchen needs a little work. By work I mean demolition.

This week I have done nothing but travel around; spring is the busiest time for artists, there is a sudden flurry of exhibitions, summers shows and open studios to prepare for, and work hanging around in galleries and shops suddenly seems to require changing.

As I am moving house later this year, I cannot possibly participate in Suffolk Open Studios again, I simply can’t give them a firm address in time for the brochure printing. So I have applied to join an organisation called Artworks, attracted by their Summer Exhibition in Blackthorpe Barns (great venue) and the fact that they seem to like artists to demonstrate during the exhibition. Fabulous, I love showing off.

I applied some time ago, and was pleased to be asked to submit my work for consideration… at least until I noticed it clashed with the weekly adults art class I teach, and was half the county away. I have 13 students and I suspect they will notice if I am not there, (although this may be self delusion.) Luckily two other artists offered to take my work (thank you Sally for offering, and Mike for taking), which just proves what a nice profession this is. I am not getting my hopes up too high, I suspect there are a lot of applicants, and who knows what the criteria is. Rejection is a constant occurrence for artists; it just goes with the territory. There is always a success around the corner; you just have to keep walking.

In addition to the lugging of paintings about here, there and everywhere, (it always rains of course) there is the matter of my teen’s teeth. Of which there are too many for the available space, her mouth is not big enough (resisting obvious pun here). A brace must be fitted, teeth must be extracted and this has so far involved three separate dental appointments this week, two of them a good distance away from home.

So in between logging, labelling, and delivering paintings, visits to Orthodontists and calls to estate agents, housework and enquiries from potential students, this week has disappeared. Visits to the gym have been impossible, swimming missed, and time to paint virtually non existent. You know things are getting on top of you when you realise you have forgotten how to operate the television. Thank goodness for iplayer, I can watch stuff and check my email at the same time…

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  1. I've moved into kitchens far worse than that - and it's so great when you finally get them how you want them, 'finally' being the operative word! Good luck with it all!