Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Gym Class Zero

Over Christmas whilst my teen was away visiting a variety of relatives, I took a couple of weeks break from the gym. I am not a morning person, and when reverting to living alone I end up more or less nocturnal. The purpose of the break from the gym was so I could: get up late, work on the computer ‘til 2am and live on chocolate and microwave curry. In just two short weeks I managed to put on about 4lb in weight and reduce my fitness to the level of an asthmatic 70yr old.

So today I bit the bullet. Back to the gym; time to pay for all the chocolates I stuffed. As I left the house the teen leant over the stair rail and innocently enquired ‘How long will you be?’ As all parents know this is a trick question which actually means ‘How much time do I have to raid the fridge/phone my friends/go on that internet game site you banned me from.’ I tried the usual: ‘Hard to say, might forget something, could pop back at anytime really’ ‘Right’ she said with a self-satisfied expression that made it clear she wasn’t falling for that old line.

Once in the gym I discovered they had replaced all the equipment with new stuff. Since the machines now get more channels than my TV (including Sky), the hot water is free and the yearly fee is less than a months rent on my house, I am seriously considering moving in… at least until the weather warms up. Whilst trying to block the pain of exercising I took to reading the warning signs on the rower. ‘Abuse of the chain can cause injury’. That’s a picture in my head I really didn’t need.

When not obsessing about my fitness levels I am currently painting a picture of Southwold lighthouse. It’s going rather well, but it's strange painting sunny Southwold when snow is forecast. I find it really hard to paint in winter, I have to force myself, a ridiculous notion since it’s my favourite thing, not to mention job. But there are only about 3 hours a day of reasonable (not good) light at this time of year, and once I sit still I feel cold not matter how high the thermostat is. Which is why I suspect the lighthouse itself took less time to paint than my piece of work. Will try to get it done by the end of the week. Watch this space.

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  1. We have the nocturnal computer-work, chocolate and microwave curries in common!!!